MTE Group is an European based company specialized in mass transfer solutions for the refinery, petrochemical, chemical, gas and environmental markets. Our goal is to provide you a concept and solution to achieve maximum performance of your mass transfer application(s).

In order to maintain a high quality standard, a high service level, state-of-the-art technology and up-to-date knowledge, the company is divided in three business units, specified below, each with its own capabilities and specialists.

Creating the best environment for catalysts

MTE Catalyst support

MTE Catalyst support is specialized in the manufacturing of all types of ceramics for catalytic distillation. With warehouses strategically located all over the world, we are able to ensure short lead times to meet your demand. Our owned manufacturing and design facilities enables our team of specialists to meet your demand to setup the best environment for catalysts. Click on the product category to find an overview of the available products.

Product categories

Achieving optimum mass transfer performance

MTE Process technology

MTE Process technology focusses on designing and manufacturing of tower equipment for packed and trayed columns. Our modern production and research facility, based in The Netherlands, enables our team of specialists to find efficient and economic solutions for mass transfer applications. We assist in the proper design and selection of the equipment, in order to increase the capacity and efficiency of your application. Click on the category for more information.

Product categories

Providing a one-stop service solution

MTE Integrated Turnaround Solutions

MTE Integrated Turnaround Solutions (MITS) is specialized in providing complete teams or individual specialist during shutdowns or turnaround matters. Our methodical work approach with high involvement leads to a smooth process, reduction of costs and shortened schedules. Our quality management and the availability of our in-house training centre guarantees that every one of our employees is well prepared for any mass transfer challenge. This all for the main objective: to provide you with an complete solution during a shutdown or turnaround matter. Click on the services below for additional information.


Introducing the preparation for shutdowns

MTE bin

The stainless steel catalyst bin is the answer for loading and unloading catalyst. With a 2m³ catalyst bin, MTE introduces a whole new way of making your turnaround more efficient. Our catalyst bin is suitable for both lower grade and higher grade metals, and makes regeneration of catalyst easy. The stainless steel catalyst bin is designed to handle your precious metals with care.
Together with our transport possibilities, we provide a total solution to make your regeneration or waste an opportunity to lower your costs. Click on the link for more information.



Calculating, drafting and designing services for mass transfer equipment


Two modern production facilities based in The Netherlands and China


40+ certified and skilled employees ready for any mass transfer challenge



We know that time schedules during turnarounds are tight. When a matter occurs, immediate response from your equipment supplier makes the difference between a successful job and a disaster. Therefore MTE can always be reached by telephone. Also during the weekend, in the evening and during holidays.

Immediate assistance:

Troubleshooting, spare parts and packings
+31 10 231 0260

One-stop solution provider

MTE Group

MTE Group is an European based company specialized in mass transfer solutions for the refinery, petrochemical, chemical, gas and environmental markets.  Our laboratories, technology centre, production facilities and warehouses enable us to provide solutions for mass transfer applications and assure short lead times. Combined with our highly skilled professionals, we are the one-stop solution provider regarding mass transfer challenges.

  • In-house design, engineering and production
  • 24/7 availability of products and services
  • ISO 9001-2008 & SCC** certified
  • VCA Certified employees
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Johan Mulder, director
``Working every day with our team and in collaboration with clients, to achieve optimum performance of all kind of mass transfer applications.``