MTE Group operates in Europe from its Dutch and Spanish offices. In Asia through our Chinese office or our distributors located in Suzhou, Malaysia and Oman in order to optimally serve our international clientage.

We excel at design, manufacturing and delivery. Efficiency, dynamism and delivery of premium quality goods and services to a broad range of clients, are our core management beliefs and practices.

Design and engineering

MTE has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing of packed column internals and trays according to the latest developments, finding an efficient and economic solution for your application.
Availability of design software enables us to take up design and drafting service for all mass transfer equipment. We have experience in designing and drafting various types of packed column internals and trays.
In case of malfunction of your packed tower, we are able to assist in troubleshooting the application to find a solution for your problem. You can rely on us for any guidance on design related problems.


  • In-house design software
  • Entire design including process design of specific absorption units
  • Mechanical design drawings
  • Hydraulic and mechanical design of packed and trayed columns
  • De-bottlenecking and revamping of existing columns


MTE has two modern production facilities. The production of ceramics is realized in China with an annual output of 7.000 metric tons. The manufacturing of mass transfer equipment happens in Staphorst, a city located in the north east of The Netherlands. In this region we benefit from the knowledge of metalworking, which is available since more than half a century. Among others, this benefit enables us to find a technical solution for most mass transfer applications.


  • Owned production facility for our ceramic division with an annual output of 7.000 metric tons
  • Modern production facility in the Netherlands for the manufacturing of mass transfer equipment
  • A lot of knowledge of metalworking in the region
  • Availability of metal, plastic and stamping workshop
  • Technical solutions for mass transfer challenges


MTE provides installation services for column packing, trays and internals. Our service is not limited to equipment designed and supplied by us. Our experienced team is helpful in reducing downtime during installation.
If installation is done by local contractors, then you may only avail our supervisory services. A hands-on experience in preparing drawings is an added advantage to our supervision engineers. Our aim is to offer quick and reliable solutions to problems during installation.
Installation executed by us, guarantees that all equipment is installed the right way to optimize the performance of it.


  • An experienced installation team to your disposal
  • Experienced in preparing drawings
  • Reducing downtime of your mass transfer application(s)
  • Supervisory services
  • Installed to achieve optimum mass transfer performance


History MTE

MTE is founded in 1997 as a supplier for catalyst bed support media with a factory for production owned by MTE B.V. and MTE Suzhou Ltd.

In 2005, we opened a second production facility, located in Staphorst, The Netherlands, where we produce mass transfer equipment. This step resulted in the founding of our own installation team, which made us a technical and service partner for mass transfer solutions.

We entered the market with active top layer grading in 2013, with nowadays a lot of satisfied customers.
In 2015, we opened a sales office with warehouse in Barcelona, Spain. To meet the growing, global demand, we set up a distribution network throughout the world with distributors in Greece, Russia, Malaysia and the Middle East. In this way, we can guarantee high quality mass transfer equipment with a short delivery period.

MTE Academy

MTE university

By sharing our knowledge, we intend to increase awareness at our customers and employees. We aim to share as much knowledge about mass transfer as possible, in order to give our customers and employees a solid technical base to enhance the performance of or to recognize problems with columns.

We offer study days where we combine theoretical and practical issues on column operations. We share our knowledge about how to solve column failures, how to choose the right equipment and how to recognize column problems. These study days are designed for engineers, employees involved in turnarounds, maintenance managers and purchasers.

Besides our employees, we use our training facility, on request, to educate our customers. Our training course is a combination of theory and practice. The practical part will be in our production facility in Staphorst, where we have two pilot plants.

We also organize customized training at your location for engineering departments, turnaround teams, maintenance departments, installation teams and purchasers.

Job openings

design and engineering mass tranfer equipment

Our company is continuously growing, therefore we are always looking for new colleagues with great ideas and big ambitions. If you are interested, take a look at our job openings:

Core Values


A high service level can make the difference in case of a turnaround. Therefore we offer our products and services 24/7 and aim to be your partner in troubleshooting. Our open approach gives you the opportunity to watch everything we do.


The fundament of MTE is the technology underlying our mass transfer products. Due to our years of experience and our sophisticated machinery, we are able to design and manufacture high quality products according to the latest developments, resulting in an efficient and economic solution for your application.


Safety is an important issue in our company. All our employees are VCA certificated and monthly trained to keep them updated about safety rules and to avoid accidents. As acknowledgement for our high safety standards, we are awarded on HSE as contractor of the shutdown.

Johan Mulder, director
``We are a service driven company, who understands the core markets and their needs. Our skilled, motivated teams always search for optimum solutions to support our clients.``