Budgets are being cut, turnaround lead times shortened and frequencies lowered. People with knowledge are getting scarce, safety rules more stringent and management pressure on turnaround teams is higher than ever. For these reasons the demand is changed. It requires a comprehensive approach with knowledge, safety, quick interaction and cost control.

MITS offers to handle the entire process. With a fully experienced team we support you in every stage of the turnaround. We guarantee a smooth process of your shutdown with the goal to reduce costs, shorten schedules and safety for all.

Complete turnaround solutions

Complete turnaround solutions

We offer

  • In-house engineering, production and installation services
  • A complete turnaround team with supervisors, lead mechanics & mechanics
  • Loaning of individual supervisors, lead mechanics & mechanics
  • 24/7 availability of products and services

Our promise

We promise a methodical work approach with high involvement. We offer the right people at steering positions with a very high service level.

Continuous workflow

We aim for an as efficient as possible planning in order to reduce costs. We organize our team and planning in a structured way in order to create a continuous workflow with the result of maximum effective working hours in the column.

Turnaround process

We divided the turnaround process in four stages.
At the start of the process, the history of the column and the drawings of the column will be studied. During preparation we will discuss the condition of the equipment, expectations, the performance of the column and the desired lifetime cycle of the equipment.
For the second stage we engineer and produce the required equipment. In case our engineers will observe early indication of possible problems, we immediately produce material reservations and prepare our production and planning as well.
The third stage concerns the installation of the mass transfer equipment.
Our aftercare exists of a full report about the work we have done and advice about the column equipment.

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Work preperation

Integrated turnaround solutions work preparation

Our team works methodically with a high involvement in preparation works. The history of the column and the drawings are important as starting point and are used as a reference. During the preparation, we will discuss the condition of the equipment, the expectations, the performance of the column and the desired lifetime cycle of the equipment.

We have learned that up-to-date documentation and drawings are not always available. Or, due to organizational changes, there is a lack of knowledge about mass transfer equipment at our customers. On request we offer to test or do research for the adequacy of the current equipment and if necessary propose options for optimization. Eventually this will lead to cost reduction and a longer lifetime cycle of the equipment.

During the preparation period, we built a stock of applicable materials at our production location. In case of unexpected emergencies, we are prepared for urgent deliveries, production or repairments when necessary. A realistic planning and indication of potential problems will be part of the preparation. This approach makes our installation team fully prepared and prevents possible delays.

  • Methodical work approach with high involvement
  • Possibility to test or do research for the adequacy of the current equipment
  • Propose options for optimization
  • Stock material as preparation for urgent deliveries

Engineering and production

design and engineering mass tranfer equipment

Especially during a turnaround or an emergency shutdown, timing is critical. During turnaround preparation, in the first stage our engineers will observe in a early stage possible problems and discuss this with our customers. Therefore, we reserve materials, store the materials at our production plant and produce spare parts 24/7 in case of replacements.

With our production location in the Netherlands, we are able to provide new material or cleaned parts within a very small timeframe. This added value of MITS enables us to shorten turnaround planning.
If our supervisors are not able to solve potential problems, our team of process engineers will make sure to provide the best possible solution. This requires flexibility and knowledge of alternatives if required.

  • In-house design, engineering and production
  • 24/7 availability of products and services
  • Engineer team on standby to solve potential problems

Installation services

Integrated turnaround solutions installation

MTE Integrated Turnaround Solutions stands for reliability during your turnaround or emergency shutdown. Our team works with a permanent crew as much as possible and guarantees highly trained and certified employees.
All of our employees are, before entering turnaround projects, trained at the indoor training facility at the headquarters of MTE, where they are trained in theory and practise as well.
Because of the commitment of the MITS team from the first stage of projects, every member is well informed, well trained and well prepared for the job. This results in transparent internal and external communication, cost reduction in downsizing time, a clear planning and flexibility of our teams towards our customers.

  • Complete installation teams of 40+ certified professionals
  • Cost effective with high priority on safety
  • ISO 9001-2008 & SCC** certified
  • VCA Certified employees


Integrated turnaround solutions aftercare

To improve column installations, up-to-date knowledge and column drawings are essential during preparations for a shutdown. Occasionally, not all information is available, or drawings are outdated or even missing. To prevent these unexpected delays, MTE and MITS have developed, during time, an extensive database of every column internal we have entered, delivered and worked on.

At the start of every project, a column report is constructed. Costumers will be fully informed through this column report. The report includes information of the history of the column, photo’s of earlier column work, drawings: all information which is essential.
All preparations will be documented. This report includes performed work and photo’s, an advice about column equipment, expectations of stand time, optimization possibilities and alternatives. This structured approach enables the team of MTE Integrated Turnaround Solutions to response during an emergency shutdown as well in the most effective way.

Thanks to our years of experience, our relationship with our costumers and skilled employees, we are able to identify your immediate

  • Your column passport; up-to-date and prepared for the future

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