By sharing our knowledge, we intend to increase awareness at our employees.
And not only our staff; our customers as well. We aim to share as much knowledge about mass transfer as possible, in order to give our employees and customers a solid technical base to enhance the performance of or to recognize problems with column internals.

Employee training

Training facility employee training

All MTE installation professionals are trained internally in our training center. Our employees have to successfully complete the theoretical and practical training on the following topics:

  • HSE principles
  • Tool applications
  • Evacuation
  • Mass transfer principles
  • Mass transfer equipment
  • Installation of packed bed columns
  • Installation of trayed bed columns

Client training

MTE university

Besides our employees, we use our training facility, on request, to educate our customers.
Our training course is a combination of theory and practice. The practical part will be in our production facility in Staphorst, where we have two pilot plants.
All the participants will be certified with an MTE certificate if all subjects of the training will be successfully completed and tested by our supervisor & trainer.

We also offer tailor made training programs for our customers. We often receive requests of our customers for a special training on specific subjects. We organize customized trainings on location for engineering departments, turnaround teams, maintenance departments, installation teams and purchasers.

We offer three types of standard trainings:

  • Mechanic: minimum requirement: VCA certificate
    In this training the focus will be on mass transfer equipment, evacuation and the principles of mass transfer.
  • Lead mechanic: minimum requirement: VCA Vol certificate
    In addition to the standard program, you will be trained for evacuation leader.
  • Supervisor: minimum requirement: VCA Vol certificate
    In addition to the first two programs, you will learn more about work preparation regarding columns. Also BHV will be an important part of this program.

For additional information, support or (special) requests, please contact our sales department.


ISO 9001-2008 & SCC** certified, safety for all

Mass transfer training

Solid technical base to enhance the performance of or to recognize problems with columns

Training facility

Training facility equipped with two test plants located in the Netherlands

Learn more about mass transfer?

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We offer study days in your region or a (custom made) training program on location. Please feel free to contact us with any requests.

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