MTE Catalyst support is the ceramic division of MTE Group. Since 2000 we
started to supply our ceramic products from our own factory with an annual
output of 9.000 metric tons. With the largest warehouse in Western Europe, we can supply all ceramic support in various sizes within a very short period. We developed tailor made gradings and produce in small batches as well.

Below an overview of our catalyst support categories.

Catalyst bed support media

Catalyst bed support media is widely used as support for catalysts and as absorbents products in the vessel or reactor. Our catalyst bed support Rest-O-Cat® brand is broadly recognized as the leading brand for the refinery, petrochemical, chemical and fertilizer industry.
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Catalyst top layer media

Catalyst top layer media is mainly used to reduce pressure drop built-up, capture all sizes of particles and catalyst poisons and protect the catalyst from scaling. MTE’s Rest-O-Top® range of products consist of inert ceramic top layers, porous alumina gradings and active gradings in different shapes and designs.
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Ceramic packing

Ceramic packings are preferred to be used in aggressive media or high temperature applications due to the high chemical resistance and thermal stability. We offer a complete range of standard and high capacity random and structured packing types to suit best with your process requirements.
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Tailor made

We create tailor made products and specialties. Whether it is a matter of a process optimization (lower pressure drop) or non-availability in the market or a very special shape or dimensions, we are motivated to find the solution. Furthermore we develop tailor made grading or catalyst carrier for your application. This can be any type of body, based on your requirements for its shape and physical properties.

For technical advice, support or (special) requests, please contact our sales department.


24/7 availability of 1000mᶟ stock of ceramics

Distribution network

Worldwide network with distributors in Greece, Russia, Malaysia and the Middle East

100% traceability

We have an unique batch wise quality assurance system with 100% traceability

Distribution network

Distribution network

To meet the growing global demand, a distribution network throughout the world is setup.  These strategically located warehouses enables us to deliver from stock in order to assure high quality products with a short delivery period all over the world.

  •  Strategically located warehouses in Europe, Asia and Russia
  • 24/7 availability of 1000mᶟ stock of ceramics

Quality control

Catalyst support quality control

MTE Catalyst Support has a very strict quality control system on several locations including laboratories. Our quality department is in constant control over the raw material and production process.
After completion of the production process each batch is tested according several tests, our quality assurance plan and UOP.

  • Unique quality assurance plan
  • Each batch of materials is registered with a unique batch number
  • ISO 9001-2008 & SCC** certified
  • VCA Certified employees
Han Mulder, founder
``Creating the best environment for catalysts, is our main goal to support our clients to achieve maximum capacity.``