Ceramic saddles

Ceramic saddles is one of the most used packing type in heat transfer applications and corrosive environments. The ceramic saddles offer high resistance to chemical attack and thermal shock.

Ceramic saddle packing types are the most frequently used ceramic high-performance packing and exhibit advantages for most applications in comparison with other shapes. The point contacts between individual interacting packing pieces facilitate large cavity volumes, creating a fluid dynamic shape of the bed with coherent film spreading.

To improve efficiency and capacity, ceramic super saddles have been developed. These geometrical adjustment to the saddles improves the surface area contacts and decrease pressure drop.

Sizes on stock ceramic saddles



Sizes on stock ceramic super saddles


Other sizes are available on request.


  • Sulfuric acid applications, drying towers
  • Acid scrubbers and stripping columns
  • Heat Transfer Media (RTO)


  • Higher capacity compared to rings
  • Good thermal shock resistance for heat transfer applications
  • High capacity version available
  • Mechanical strong structure
  • Good (corrosive) liquid handling performance

The mixture of clay can be adjusted to special requirements or demands in case of need.
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