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Bubble cap trays

Bubble cap trays contain a fixed riser covered by a cap. The vapor flows upwards through the riser and pushed down by the cap. It creates a liquid seal and makes this type of tray very suitable for low vapor, low liquid loads or various flow rates. By installing the trays properly bubble cap trays do not weep and can have almost infinite vapor turndown.

Tunnel cap trays

Manufactured with parallel tunnels, the tunnel trays are applicable for medium to very high liquid loads. If manufactured crosswire to the flow direction, the trays are suitable for very low liquid loads when long contact for gas or liquid and the tunnel tray is needed.

Due to our in-house engineering and production, we ensure the trays are designed and produced to achieve your optimum performance.
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  • Large T/D ratio
  • Possible to handle low liquid loads
  • Long liquid / gas contact times when a preffered flow layout is used


  • Applications with high T/D ratio’s
  • Applications with low liquid loads
  • Applications which are sensitive for weeping
  • Applications which require long liquid/gas contact time

Tray hardware

MTE is fully equipped to handle urgent requests. Our large stock of all types of screws, nuts, clamps, washers and valves enables us to act as required.

Tray hardware

The trays are designed to suit the specific requirements.
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Boezemweg 5

3255 MC Oude-Tonge

The Netherlands