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Sieve trays

Sieve trays are standard trays using punched orifices for upcoming gas stream. Sieve trays are suitable for most applications, where turndown ratio is not critical. Vapour passes straight upward through the liquid on the plate. The arrangement, number and size of the holes are designed for each application.
The perforated sieve trays can handle high loads with a moderate pressure drop and are suited for applications with medium fouling tendency.

The major advantages of the sieve tray is low maintenance costs when compared to other conventional trays. Also, the sieve tray is simple and easy to fabricate and is relatively inexpensive compared to other mass transfer trays.

Due to our in-house engineering and production, we ensure the sieve trays are designed and produced to achieve your optimum performance.
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  • Simple and robust construction
  • Fouling resistance
  • Long residence time
  • Corrosion allowance easy to apply


  • Applications where pressure drop is not critical
  • Fouling applications
  • Corrosive applications
  • Large columns (lower costs compared to packing)
  • Processes where contact time between phases is critical

Tray hardware

MTE is fully equipped to handle urgent requests. Our large stock of all types of screws, nuts, clamps, washers and valves enables us to act as required.

Tray hardware

The sieve trays are designed to suit the specific requirements.
For additional information, support or (special) requests, please contact our sales department.


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