Columns packed with either random or structured packing must also include several additional key internal components that are necessary for the packing to function. These internals include vapor and liquid feed distributors, packing support and hold down plates, entrainment separators and liquid draw-off trays. All designed to suit the specific requirements.

MTE offers the column internals listed below:

Liquid (re)distributors

Distributors are internals installed above a packed bed which perform the job of providing a finite liquid distribution. It provides for liquid to be distributed over the packed bed in discrete streams, which could either be through orifices or V-weirs. It also provides for a separate passage for the upward flowing gas. We offer a wide range of liquid distributors for different applications.


  • Pan type distributor
  • Deck type (re)distributor
  • Through type distributor
  • High performance with spiders
  • Pipe arm distributor

Liquid collectors

Liquid collection between packed beds is frequently required. Liquid collectors come in different design styles to meet the needs of specific applications. Optimized design of the collecting troughs reduces pressure head in the collecting section. We design and produce liquid collectors for most applications where liquid collection is required.


  • Deck type collector
  • Vane type collector

Support and hold down grids

Bed limiters or hold down plates are retaining devices used above the packed beds to prevent fluidization, which mainly occur during upset conditions and restrict packing movement. Bed limiters are designed to provide high free area and reduce interference to liquid flow. It should withstand upward forces acting on the packed bed.


  • Support grid structured packing
  • Support grid random packing
  • Bed limiter

Mixed and flashing feed devices

Piping systems inside the column are required to introduce feeds and in some cases to draw products. These need to be custom engineered in conjunction with all other column internals to suit the process and mechanical specifications of the column. MTE have developed a set engineering standards for the design of internal pipe work to ensure that liquid feeds are compatible with the proper functioning of liquid distributors and that inlet vapor velocities will not cause maldistribution.


  • Liquid feed pipe
  • Gas feed pipe
  • Vane inlet device
  • Flashing feed device

Designed to suit the specific requirements.
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