MTE Catalyst support supplies ceramic packings used in distillation, absorption, stripping and heat transfer applications. Ceramic packings are preferred to be used in aggressive media or high temperature application due to the high chemical resistance and thermal stability.

We offer a complete range of standard and high capacity random and structured packing types to suit best with your process requirements. MTE is able to advise in the process design and hydraulic layout of your application to select the best suitable packing type.

Ceramic rings


  • High mechanical strength
  • Low porosity
  • High chemical resistance
  • Wide variety of different sizes and designs for many applications
  • Available in many different material qualities

Ceramic saddles


  • Higher capacity compared to rings
  • Good thermal shock resistance for heat transfer applications
  • High capacity version available
  • Mechanical strong structure
  • Good (corrosive) liquid handling performance

Ceramic structured packing


  • High surface area, high number of theoretical stages per meter
  • High gas capacity
  • Low pressure drop per meter
  • Low liquid loads possible
  • Very suitable in corrosive applications

Carbon raschig rings


  • Produced of pure carbon without binders
  • Very suitable in harsch environments with most acids, caustic and solvents
  • Low thermal expensions
  • Can be used in high temperature applications

All packing types can be produced from high silica (standard) or high alumina materials and some also in carbon for specific chemical requirements. For additional technical data, support or (special) requests, please contact our sales department.