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MTE Specialties

We create tailor made products and specialties. Due to our technology, knowledge and own production process for products and raw material, we can produce your specific product which is not available on the commercial market or we develop and more cost effective alternative of your existing product.
Whether it is a matter of a process optimization (lower pressure drop) or non-availability in the market or a very special shape or dimensions, we are motivated to find the solution.

We have a number of refractory products which can be used as standard in most applications, but were once developed as specialty or as a more economical products. Furthermore MTE has many different ferrules in her range of products, but still we make new designs. The same is applicable for the special refractory shapes or castables.


  • Ferrules for Waste Heat Boilers
  • Hexagonal tiles for Ammonia plants
  • Refractories for:
    • Petrochemical plants
    • Fertilizer plants
    • Steel Industry


  • Own raw material mixin
  • Big experience in shape development
  • Cost-effective R&D
  • Wide variety of different sizes and designs for many applications

Tailor made grading

We are able to develop tailor made grading or catalyst carrier for your application. This can be any type of body, based on your requirements for its shape and physical properties.

We supply alumina based carriers, dessicants and absorbents in different shapes and sizes. When required, we are also able to supply catalyst carriers with metals and create your specific traps, like arsenic trap, silica traps or demetallization catalyst, based on your requirements.
On request MTE can make NiMo and CoMo top grading for your catalyst in any shape, including spheres, cylindrical rings, trilobes, quadralobes or any other extruded shape.

Depending on your raw material and mechanical and physical properties we can find a suitable solution for your spend catalyst.

Design recommendations

We are able to make design recommendations for your grading loading diagram


Moderen production facility based in The Netherlands for the manufacturing of tailor made products

Grading customization

We customize your grading: any combination of shape and material is possible based on the requirements

Got a mass transfer challenge?

We provide the solution!

Together we achieve optimum performance of your application(s). Please feel free to contact us with any mass transfer related challenge.



+31 10 231 0260


Boezemweg 5

3255 MC Oude-Tonge

The Netherlands