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Ceramic tubes

Our experience with loading and unloading a significant number of reactor tubes, taught us that this is a long-lasting job. To decrease turnaround time, but also to prevent support materials and catalyst mixing due to vibrations, MTE developed the ceramic tubes, called HMMT.

The tubes give the same support as regular support materials like ceramic balls or rings, but only one custom-made piece is required as support. The outer diameter is perfectly designed to the inner diameter of the reactor tube with a very low tolerances of tenths of a millimeter and a perfect straightness for a perfect fit. The ceramic tubes have a fine mesh and can be used as support and hold-down media.


Reactor tubes like:

  • MDI reactors
  • Ethylene Oxide plants
  • Catalyst test or pilot plants


  • Easy and quick installation and removal
  • Fine mesh suitable for small catalysts
  • Perfect straightness
  • Low pressure drop
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Designed to suit the specific requirements.
For additional information, support or (special) requests, please contact our sales department.

Decrease turnaround time

Decrease the turnaround time, due to a single, custom-made ceramic tube as replacement for regular support

Perfect fit

The outer diameter of the ceramic tube is designed to the inner diameter of the reactor tube for a perfect fit

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Boezemweg 5

3255 MC Oude-Tonge

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