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Demister pads

Vapor flowing through a packed bed at typical loading rates below the flood point, will shear liquid from the surface of the packing and carry it out of the packed bed as entrainment. In such cases a liquid entrainment device should be fitted at the top of the column to remove entrained liquid droplets from the vapor stream before it exits the vessel.

Demister pads, alias knitted wire mesh pads, provide effective mist elimination compatible with normal packed column operation. For high gas velocities or low pressure drop requirements, we also supply vane type demisters. The pressure drop of the demister pad or the knitted wire mesh droplet separator is very low due to the large free volumes, even at higher velocities.

MTE has the knowledge to design, debottleneck and optimize vapor liquid seperators also called flash drums with a combination of knock-out equipment like baffles, half open feed pipes or vane inlet devices in combination with demister pads for more efficient removal of droplets.
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  • High separation efficiency
  • Low pressure drop
  • Easy installation and low in maintenance
  • High resistance to fouling
  • Multiple materials available


MTE supplies the appropriate droplet separator for every special application. For this purpose a wide range of materials is available for manufacturing, such as:


Other materials available on request

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Designed to suit the specific requirements, the appropriate droplet separator for every application.
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