MTE Process technology supplies a complete product range and engineering expertise in the fields of mass transfer trays. From the design of complete new columns or revamps of existing installations. We provide the mechanical design, matching your individual application and supply conventional trays, manufactured from various metallic materials.
MTE also produces tray hardware, available on site through our on-site hardware service.

Sieve trays


  • Simple and robust construction
  • Fouling resistance
  • Long residence time
  • Corrosion allowance easy to apply

Fixed valve trays


  • Lower froth height and less entrainment due to lateral gas flow
  • Higher capacity and T/D compared to sieve trays
  • Good efficiency over a wide operating range
  • Strong mechanical construction
  • Very suitable for fouling applications, no moving parts
  • Variable valve size and opening

Moving valve trays


  • Higher T/D compared to sieve trays
  • Broader operating range in combination with light and heavy valves
  • Robust and approved design
  • High efficiency over a wide operating range through optimum vapor-liquid contact
  • Cheaper construction than bubble cap trays

Bubble/Tunnel cap trays


  • Large T/D ratio
  • Possible to handle low liquid loads
  • Long liquid / gas contact times when a prefered flow layout is used

Designed to suit the specific requirements.
For additional information, support or (special) requests, please contact our sales department.

Tray hardware

Tray hardware

Finding damaged trays during turnarounds is always an unpleasant surprise. MTE is fully equipped to handle urgent requests. Our large stock of all types of screws, nuts, clamps, washers and valves enables us to act as required. Materials on stock are various types of stainless steel including AISI 410 and Hastelloy. Due to our large stock and our in-house production, we are able to construct parts and pieces for required trays to support our customers. Due to this, downtime is reduced to zero.

  • Stock available on-site with the possibility to include special items or materials
  • On-site service optional with MTE employee
  • One consumption overview after finalizing the work
Tray hardware


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