Inert alumina lumps

White fused alumina lumps are low in silica and iron oxides. They are often used as top grading and bed support media in many gas synthesis, secondary and autothermal reformers and special licensed applications where irregular, asymmetrical shapes of pure fused alumina are preferred.

The irregular shape of the chunks creates a swirling gas flow with difficult flow paths to increase gas distribution, trap particulates and hence slows down pressure drop built-up in the bed. The lumps have a high stability at increased temperatures with a very low impurity capacity.

MTE supplies irregular shaped and regular shaped like cylindrical lumps, depending on your wishes or applications.


  • Synthesis gas plants
  • Secondary reformers
  • Autothermal reformers (ATR)


  • Irregular or regular shapes
  • Excellent mechanical and physical properties
  • Unique batch traceability system
  • Tailor made special shapes

The mixture of clay or properties can be adjusted to special requirements or demands in case of need.
For additional technical data, support or (special) requests, please contact our sales department.


We are able to meet your urgent request 24/7, possible due to the large stock of products

Tailor made

Due to our owned production facilities, we are able to produce tailor made special shapes

100% traceability

We have an unique batch wise quality assurance system with 100% traceability

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