Inert alumina balls

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Inert alumina balls

MTE has developed the Rest-O-Cat® 99 high alumina balls, when due to chemical composition, temperature resistance or mechanical strength the standard high silica content spheres are not suitable. The main industries where the Rest-O-Cat® 99 is used are petrochemical and ammonia plants. The standard MTE specification can be used in most of these applications and provides the same benefits as the standard silica types.

MTE is able to produce ultra-high purity alumina balls with reduce impurities as well. The standard Rest-O-Cat® 99 already have a low silica content, but the Rest-O- Cat® 99.7 ULS types have even further increased rates of alumina (99.7 %) making the product suitable for high temperature and steam applications where leached silica or sodium can influence the process conditions, like coating downstream equipment and poison catalyst beds. This makes the high alumina spheres suitable for chemical resistance, temperature resistance or mechanical strength, where standard silica based ceramics are not.

Sizes on stock alumina balls Rest-O-Cat® 99 & 99.7

mm2 - 45 - 79 - 1111 - 1314 - 1718 - 21

mm23 - 2730 - 3435 - 4048 - 5670 - 78

Other sizes are available on request.

About us

MTE Group provides mass transfer solutions. We are headquartered in the Netherlands with a technology centre and the largest warehouse in Western Europe. The ROC99® high alumina balls are available in big bags, drums or 20 kg bags. Together with our own production facilities, logistics and an unique quality system, MTE can deliver within a very short period.

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  • Ethylene cracking and drying
  • Polymerizations
  • Ammonia desulfurizers
  • Secondary reformers
  • Low and high temperature shifts
  • Methanators


  • Perfect spherical shape
  • Excellent mechanical and physical properties
  • Unique batch traceability system
  • High availability and short delivery times

The mixture of clay can be adjusted to special requirements or demands in case of need.
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We are able to meet your urgent request 24/7, possible due to the large stock of products

Widely used

MTE’s Rest-O-Cat® catalyst support media is the most used brand in European refinery and petrochemical applications

100% traceability

We have an unique batch wise quality assurance system with 100% traceability

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