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Ceramic structured packing

We developed a ceramic structured packing made of thin-walled ceramic suitable for corrosive or high temperature applications where other materials like metal or plastic are not suitable. The geometrical surface area of the ceramic generates about 450 m2/m3 of surface area, creating a high separation performance.

Many columns have been installed with MTE packing and have proven to be very stable and reliable in corrosive environments. The packing can be supplied in a single piece construction for small columns and multi piece constructions for larger inner diameters.

Physical properties ceramic structured packing

Specific gravity2.15 – 2.35 g/cm³
Water absorption< 0,5 %
Acid resistance< 4 %
Max. operating temperature1100


  • Absorption systems with most acids or solvents
  • In glass or enamelled columns
  • Vacuum columns
  • Rectification of corrosive mixtures
  • Corrosive applications with high demand of theoretical stages and low pressure drop requirements


  • High surface area, high number of theoretical stages per meter
  • High gas capacity
  • Low pressure drop per meter
  • Low liquid loads possible
  • Very suitable in corrosive applications

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Advice on material selection based on chemical and temperature resistance

Comparable data

We possess extensive comparable data, enabling optimizing design efficiency and capacity

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+31 10 231 0260


Boezemweg 5

3255 MC Oude-Tonge

The Netherlands